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Flower delivery in France

Thanks to Sessile, send splendid flowers anywhere in France, wherever you are. Enter a shipping address to find the local florist who will compose then deliver an exquisite arrangement, tailored to your desires.

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Sessile, the best way to deliver flowers in France

When it comes to sending flowers to France, look no further than Sessile. We take pride in connecting our customers with a network of 500 local flower shops, spread all over the country. All these florists are skilled artists, who specialize in creating handcrafted floral arrangements. At Sessile, we understand that every delivery is special, when it comes to floral gifts. That’s why our platform enables you to order personalized bouquets, tailored to the occasion you wish to celebrate. Whether you want to deliver flowers in France or find the best flower shop around, Sessile is your one-stop destination.

Order flowers in France

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UK, US, Canada… order stunning compositions wherever you are

Sessile makes it effortless for people from all over the world to send flowers to France, regardless of their location. Whether you’re in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand… you can easily express your affection to your friends and family in France with our seamless flower delivery service. Our platform offers the assurance that your flowers will be carefully handcrafted by skilled local florists, then delivered with utmost care. Experience the joy of gifting across borders and make your loved ones’ special moments even more memorable with Sessile.

Send flowers to France

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Having flowers delivered in Paris has never been easier

With Sessile, ordering flowers in Paris is a breeze. Just follow three simple steps to send a thoughtful gift to your loved ones. First, enter the exact shipping address. Second, select a local flower shop in Paris from our extensive network of trusted florists. Third, choose a composition that resonates with your emotions and personalize it to add a heartfelt touch. Whether it’s a romantic bouquet for a special someone, a cheerful arrangement to brighten someone’s day, or sympathy flowers to express condolences, Sessile allows you to effortlessly convey feelings through the language of flowers.

Deliver flowers in Paris

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Nice, Lyon, Toulouse… send flowers to all major cities

On Sessile, you can easily order flowers and have them delivered to all major cities, including Marseille, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Nantes, Cannes… With just a few clicks, you can connect with a local florist, who will ensure that your floral gift reaches its destination with care and elegance. Whether you wish to surprise a loved one in Nice with a beautiful bouquet, send warm wishes to Lyon with an elegant arrangement, or convey your deepest sentiments to Bordeaux with a heartfelt composition, Sessile is your trusted partner for delivering emotions across France.

Find a flower shop in France

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Suprise your loved ones with floral gifts, whatever the event

Thanks to Sessile and its network of French flower shops, you can express your emotions and celebrate any occasion with the perfect bouquet of flowers. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a love declaration, a solemn funeral, a heartwarming wedding, the arrival of a newborn, the festive spirit of Christmas, the romance of Valentine’s Day, the heartfelt expression of gratitude, the tenderness of Mother’s Day, the warmth of Grandmother’s Day, or the reverence of All Saints Day, our florists cater to every special moment in your life.

Flowers to France by event

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An extensive selection of flowers, catering to all your floral desires

At Sessile, we are proud to offer a diverse and exquisite selection of flowers for every preference. Whether you’re in search of the freshest blooms, elegant dry flowers, the timeless beauty of peonies, the classic charm of roses, the delicate allure of lilies of the valley, or the exotic allure of orchids, our local florists have it all. Our platform brings together a curated collection of the finest blooms, carefully sourced and arranged by our network of flower shops, spread all over France.

Flowers to France by variety

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Better than sending flowers to France: ordering seasonal flowers there!

At Sessile, we also take great pride in collaborating with French flower shops that share our passion for crafting exquisite floral arrangements. By favoring seasonal blooms, our local florists create compositions that not only showcase the natural charm of each flower, but also capture the essence of the current season. From the vibrant colors of spring to the warm hues of autumn, seasonal flowers add a touch of authenticity and freshness to every bouquet.

Flowers to France by season